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Other ways to benefit from user delay prediction

We showed how user delay prediction can be utilized for DPM/DVS in the scenario in which there is only one application, the interactive one, under consideration. Moreover, the system performance level was set by this application. In some other scenarios, an interactive application may be used with other applications running in the background. A user may enjoy music using the software MP3 player, while downloading another MP3 file and playing Solitaire at the same time. Therefore, instead of setting the system performance level directly through Solitaire for example, it would be better if Solitaire notifies the operating system (OS) scheduler about predicted user delays and leave it up to the OS to globally schedule all the processes. The OS scheduler can make use of the predicted user delays to allocate time slots and performance levels to different processes in an energy-efficient fashion.

Lin Zhong 2003-12-20